On the airspan thing I would agree on the pricing is a bit more reasonable.
On their unlicensed product, it still seems quite a bit expensive. ( wipll
and wimax ) . The thing we found in testing waveIP is while it is a decent
Amount of throughput, the channel size is a nightmare and brings to mind
Scaleablity issues.

With airspan in 700, a single base station can support around 400 customers
@ 1mb/s, because the channel size is only 1.33mhz. Still its a hopper so
Frequency reuse is limited.



On 5/24/06 7:02 PM, "Butch Evans" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Tue, 23 May 2006, jeffrey thomas wrote:
>> Actually, on the Ap Side Airspan is around 5000.00 and 400 or so
>> for the CPE.
> It was about a year ago that I got pricing on these.  This is a much
> more competitive price model than what I was quoted back then.  At
> that price, they would be a viable option for certain business
> models.  The only drawback to them is the bandwidth (4.5 Mbps air
> rate).  Their MAC allows for several users to share this bandwidth
> fairly, however.  Airspan is a pretty good choice in this market.
> To be fair, I think the WaveIP product performed reasonably well in
> our testing, too.  There's a little more bandwidth available over
> the air (I think it is 9Mbps) and there is an option for a full
> duplex link with this gear.  In our testing, we had significant
> issues with WaveIP early on, but once the problem was found (that's
> a story for another time), the gear performed very well.  At least
> that's what I am told.  The problem was found and resolved after I
> left BPS, so I never got 100% of the details of the final analysis.
> I'd not hesitate to recommend this gear either.
> The only real drawback to either of these (and very likely others in
> this market) is that the NMS for both of them (this includes the
> configuration utilities) requires Windows.  For a network that does
> not use any Windows servers (I would assume all the GOOD networks
> are in this boat :-), this would require a dedicated server just to
> configure your gear.  My requests for a telnet or http interface
> fell on deaf ears (for both of them).  SIGH.

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