Mark Koskenmaki wrote:

If the FCC had not thrown the 911 monkeywrench into it, I'd have found a way
to roll my own VOIP service and we'd have been selling it at only a slight
markup, just to be an added value to my broadband.

The 911 thing is just a barrier to entry that for most markets is easy to overcome. Further, there is no reason to only have a slight markup; there is real money to be made on VoIP. When your average business is paying >$0.04 per minute for long distance and it costs you <$0.005 per minute there is some easy money to be made. Although, I think making money on long distance is only going to work for a short time. It is also quite easy to make money on lines.

Clearly, bundling VoIP with your data service is a viable way to increase your ARPU. We have a wholesale VoIP program for WISPs that can help if your interested. We just completed an interconnection with Level3 giving access to most of the US from a DID perspective and we will soon have support for E911 in most the markets where it actually exists. There is still no solution to the VoIP E911 requirement for markets that do even have E911 for POTS lines.


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