Q: Does the rule apply to commercial property or only residential property?

A: Nothing in the rule excludes antennas installed on commercial property. The rule applies to property used for commercial purposes in the same way it applies to residential property.


Larry Yunker wrote:

For the record, OTARD applies to residential rights to have an antenna which enables reception of TV broadcast/satelite signals. I think that OTARD could be used to establish a similar right for a residential use of broadband access antennas as well. However, OTARD doesn't do anything to give the PROVIDER (rather than the end-user) rights to install necessary antennas. So, it sounds like you got lucky with your towers.

- Larry
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We went and built 4 towers (rohn 25g, 50 footers each) on an island
where we needed to setup a wireless
Backbone around the island.

The town came blasting guns, we threw OTARD at them and they bought it.
My partner's a good sales guy, though :)

We ended up paying $250 per tower in fines, and the $75 permit fee, and
we went on our way.   YMMV :)

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I hope someone can help me on this. I believe that back in 1997 or 1998
a law was passed that prevented local governments from preventing tower
construction that would provide Internet service to remote areas. If
anyone knows of such a law or could at least point me in the right
direction, it would be greatly appreciated. I am in the process of
getting permits for new towers and I would just like to be prepared in
the unlikely case that the county was to turn me down for my permits.

Thanks in Advance

Owen Harrell
Technology Supervisor
Essex Computers
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