Excuse me, but USIIA has never been a friend of the independent ISP.
USIIA and Dave McClure have pro RBOC on almost every issue.
Verizon sits on your board!  (http://www.usiia.org/about/board.htm)



David Sovereen wrote:

Many of you seem to be of the belief that the proposed bill requires you to keep records of the content of subscribers. Simply put, that is NOT THE CASE. While I do not know the specific details of the various proposals, I do know that none of them are expecting ISPs to keep copies of content accessed. The proposed bills are requiring that ISPs keep track of what subscriber used what IP address(es). One version of the bill wants this data retained for one year; another version for two years. For ISPs using RADIUS for accounting or making static IP assignments, this is pretty easy to do. I don't know what requirements, if any, are being proposed for subscribers placed behind a NAT firewall shared by many subscribers. I understand that WISPA is an organization still in its infancy, and they don't currently have the resources to "lobby" congress. But there IS an organization speaking to congress on your bahalf on this issue: The United States Internet Industry Association. As a former member of the board of directors, I can assure you that this is a small, but vocal organization, and they are representing YOUR interests. Data retention requirements have been on USIIA's radar for quite some time. On Feburary 17, 2005 (last year) the board of directors adopted this policy as USIIA's official position on data retention: http://www.usiia.org/legis/dataret.html If you'd like to support an organization that does speak to congress and is representing your interests, you might consider giving USIIA your financial. For the record, their board receives no compensation. The only paid employee is David McClure, their full-time President and CEO (and "lobbyist", but he doesn't go by that title). Dave

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