You must get some benefit or why be on the listserv?

You obviously support two other orgs that do lobbying - and WISPA does stay active in DC on your behalf.

I had made some suggestions on the Promotion list about this General List.
Maybe it should be by subscription only and the archives for paid members only.
It would reduce spam harvesting.

Just a thought.


David Sovereen wrote:

I agree with your sentiments completely.

One needs to ask, though, "why aren't ISPs supporting WISPA?"  The answer is
more than likely the same answer most small businesses give when asked why
they don't join industry associations: it's not worthwhile... it costs more
money than the benefits of membership are worth.

My company is not a member of WISPA.  And at this point, I don't see what
benefit membership in WISPA would give me.  I'm a believer in the strength
of numbers and joining ranks for greater good.  That's why I support NFIB
and USIIA, as well as local organizations in my state and community.

Why should I send $250 to WISPA?


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