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Do it again Johnny O, I love it :-P

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JohnnyO wrote:

Jeffrey Thomas - DOH ! - For some reason I had Jeff Booher on the brain
and made mistake of making this post ! ! ! ! Please - pretty please
forgive me for mixing you up ? 
/me holds head down and kicks rocks
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Jeff - how many other platforms have you tooted the horn on that have
never produced the results you claimed ? Not trying to rain on your
parade here, but every platform you've tooted ranting raves about, has
never lived up to it's hype from what I have seen.
Wanting to be a believer
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Simple. Since the CPE self provisions and aligns itself, the customer
only need to know they need to install the device on their rooftop. And
they also have indoor devices that work to maybe a KM or so from the
tower but those Are as simple as a customer plugs in the ethernet plug
and power and puts The CPE near a window. I honestly doubt anyone will
use them, but they Are available. 
So really zero truck roll? Not really as most customers will want the
wisp to install it- but the major benefit is that the CPE's will not
require techs to carry a pc or anything other than cabling and tools to
set up the roof mount.
On 6/8/06 8:04 PM, "Sam Tetherow" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Color me jaded, but how can you get a zero truck roll CPE in 5.4-5.9
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jeffrey thomas wrote:
Just got out of training for the new AIRSPAN wimax product for 5.8.
Unlike most other vendors, they are going to market with their 
802.16-2004 5.4-5.9
solution and are shipping in JULY, and expect FCC certification for
their 802.16-2004
product for 4.9 Ghz as well in July! I am very excited about this as
3 plus
years of waiting for a viable, wimax product in a band that everyone
in will be available.
So, while the equipment has not been ratified by the Wimax forum as
of yet, ( and they havent even decided when they will be certifying 
vendors ) this product will
be either complaint as is or will require a minor software upgrade
forum certified compatiability, assuming that the forum go with the
spec as planned.
some notes on the product:
initial pricing expected to be very reasonably priced on the AP side
of things,
600.00 / cpe
35 mb / sector real world throughput @ 64 QAM
full service flow integration for QOS
can be used in either 5 mhz channel size or 10 mhz channel
zero truck roll CPE ( users can easily install the equipment )
full blown FCAPS compliant NMS ( Fault monitoring configuration
authentication provisioning security )
color me excited :)
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