Patrick, my string-and-can wifi asterisk ap does more than 10 calls! :-) Honestly, 288 G711 calls is probably more towards the high end. Whether you would like to realize it or not, canopy has come a ways over the years. If you consult with your engineers I'm sure you'll conclude that a Canopy AP/SU(14Mbps aggregate) could do a LOT more than 10 calls...

Jon Langeler
Michwave Tech.

Patrick Leary wrote:

As a non engineer, this is the first I have ever of this as an issue and I
have never heard it from customers, very large or very small. Is this a real
issue (I have already passed the comments to our PLMs for the product line)
for operators? I do know that with firmware version 4.0 these radios support
QinQ VLAN, which I've not heard other UL radios supporting. And one VL
sector with 4.0 will support 288 concurrent VoIP calls (VoIP only play,
20MHz channel). That compares to 8-10 per Canopy sector and maybe 20 on a
Trango sector. Patrick
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Only 1512 also limits the use of many VPN technologies used to tunnel to partners, if offering wholesale transport services.
For example, IPSEC.  Microtik allowed us to get over the 1512 limit, as long

as we were using WDS. Trango of course allowed the 1600, one of the reasons that we chose it 5 years ago. Any plans that Alvarion will make mods to allow larger packets?
I'd support Matt's comment, that limited to a 1512 MTU could severally limit

its viable use for service providers, allthough Corporate clients likely could care less, as they'd just design around it, since it was for their own


Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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Our setup requires the following:

1500 bytes for payload
4 bytes for VLANs
4 bytes for LDP
4 bytes for EoMPLS header
18 bytes for Ethernet header

That means we need an MTU of at least 1530. I only specified 1532 since that is what Canopy and Orthogon use (Trango supports 1600). Unless 1512 is your payload size, not your frame size your radios can't be used to backhaul an MPLS network.


Patrick Leary wrote:


I just got the reply to your question: the maximum packet size is 1512.

Patrick Leary
AVP Marketing
Alvarion, Inc.
o: 650.314.2628
c: 760.580.0080
Vonage: 650.641.1243

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Does it support MTUs greater than 1500? More specifically, we are looking for an MTU of 1532.


Patrick Leary wrote:

Okay, be forewarned that so this is a shameless plug, but the data from


testers of our new B100 OFDM point-to-point is worth sharing. In the Texas
panhandle one company is getting 62Mbps at 16 miles. In the Big Easy, a


is getting 80Mbps, but it is only a one mile shot. One guy in Nebraska told
me Tuesday that the B series of radios (B14, B28, and B100) are about the
most simple he has ever used (his WISP has been operational since 2001).

The BreezeNET B100 was just announced as a commercial product. Like all B
series, the price includes the antennas when the integrated version


built-in) is bought. A full link has a retail of $7,990. Your typical
discounts apply as well. And remember, since this is OFDM the B achieves
some good NLOS performance in terms of building obstructions and sharp

We are pretty excited about this radio as a top choice for WISP backhaul.


is targeted as a high capacity, high quality, and really simple to install
backhaul for a very moderate price.

Those of you wanting more info, just drop me an e-mail.


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