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For those that still think the all you can eat option is a good one :-)
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This guy needs to get a job from FON…,2933,200989,00.html


Wi-Fi Company to Sell Routers for Five Dollars

Monday, June 26, 2006



Reports of Death of Dial-Up Internet Greatly Exaggerated


LONDON  — FON, a Spanish start-up on an ambitious crusade to turn home Wi-Fi connections into wireless "hotspots" for nearby users, is set to unveil on Monday a plan to hand out 1 million wireless routers for just $5 apiece.

FON, which aims to create a network of home users and small businesses to resell wireless access to passersby, said on Sunday it will subsidize $60 Cisco (CSCO) Linksys or Buffalo routers for $5 in the United States or 5 euros in Europe.

Routers are small boxes users connect to cable or telephone Internet connections to broadcast wireless signals to nearby devices, inside a home, business or surrounding neighborhood.

Juergen Urbanski, North American general manager, said FON, which in February raised $21.7 million from backers, including the founders of Google (GOOG) and Skype, is looking to turn the brand-name equipment into what it calls "social routers."

The goal of the Madrid-based company is to build block-by-block networks of shared wireless connections around the globe, turning local Wi-Fi users into an army of "foneros" — its term for people who share wireless access.

As the company's name implies, FON aims to provide wireless Internet access not just to computer users but also for mobile phones and the latest portable gaming devices as they roam.

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Comments below.

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I have forwarded your inquiry for reply.

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I was really encouraged by your experiences starting up a wireless network service.


mks:  Thanks!

I'm about to move to a house near Uniontown WA.


mks:  Cool.  You'll like it there.

I am sad because I have to give up my connection that I 'borrow' from my landlord thanks to a small repeater sitting on his kitchen windowsill and a converted steel salad bowl with my D-Link USB unit attached. Range: 150 yards with 56Mbps to his home network.


mks:  Grin

I was so proud of that hack.


mks:  Big grin!

My new place is about 8km from one of the local providers antenna's and 13km from anther one. The provider is First Step Internet out of Moscow, ID.


mks:  Coolness.  I know those guys.  Good people.  Great network.  I've cc'd Kevin from fsr for you.

They have a 1.5 mbps connection for $35/month but want me to use their Trango 5.3/5.8GHz antenna and a modem of their own spec that they want to sell to me.
In addition to a $600 setup fee.


mks:  Hmmmm.  You sure that's the going deal for a residential connection?  Sounds like a business one to me.  Still pretty cheap though, have you ever paid for a connection to the telco?  My last t-1 had a $500 install fee plus $500 per month and a 36 month contract.  I just upgraded to a 10 meg fiber link that whacked my $5000.00 in install fees!  sigh

There has got to be a way I can make this happen (and share it with my neighbors hopefully) in spite of the tech support spiel "we usually don't allow personal equipment to connect due to variable quality of consumer products".


mks:  That's almost exactly the same language we use.  We'd also not let you "share" with your neighbors.  That's really not sharing, it's stealing.  When you buy a connection it's for YOUR use not everyone elses.  We pay for your access based on what you do, if you do too far above the average (as you would when "sharing") we lose money on the account.  Lose too much money and no one will get service.


mks:  The way that *we* manage that is to charge a per bit fee.  You get a gig of data with your monthly account.  After that you have to buy the extra gigs you use.  And we're very expensive for overages.  We do not allow you to run servers either.  Even on the business accounts, if you want to host email, put it on our servers, then it's our fault when it gets hacked into and generates an extra couple of thousand in upstream bills on month!

The house has a couple of new, and currently redundant, dishnetwork dishes with three feedhorns, couldn't I use these somehow?


mks:  Nope.  I guess you *could* but it would be more trouble than it would be worth.  In the end it would cost you more money than doing it right.

I sure hope you have some advice.


mks:  I sure hope you liked my advice!




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