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If it was, then it would be illegal to block hackers and criminals from using your network as well.
As FON clearly has no concern for Acceptable Use Policiies, therefore illegal activity, and AUPs are clearly allowable and enforcable contracts.
Strategically its a great time for FON to release their venture, to test the rules, the public, and ISPs.
Wow, have any of you actually reviewed their site? OMFG the sky is falling <hands waving>! You may be interested in http://en.fon.com/biz/isps_friends.php.

Also, the Terms and Conditions of Use CLEARLY states:

4. Prior Requirements
The user that opts for the Linus or Bill category, should, prior to accepting these
T&Cs and before registering with the FON Community:
(i) have a FON Social Router or a router that is compatible with the FON
Software and (ii) have a contract with an ISP that permits the FONero to share

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