Is Wi-Max, (2.4GHz or higher), REALLY gonna help me out here in the sticks where the 80ft+ trees live? I really doubt it, but, I am trying to keep an open mind.

When the best we have seen on 900MHz is 3/4 mile through trees.... And I mean trees!!! Not just a property line here and there, but the customer is embedded in trees for 300yds in all directions..... and 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz don't even blip in in winter.


Tom DeReggi wrote:

Now all Motorola needs to do is make a Wimax Product.

Or find some hidden Spectrum usable in the US for WiMax.
Or is this Canada that we are talking about?

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Clearwire has also built a next-generation network infrastructure, merging the best features of cellular, cable, DSL and WiFi. The system is mobile, fairly easy to install on a customer's computer, and high-speed. Its extensive portfolio of the wireless spectrum can potentially cover 157 million people.

Motorola will own Clearwire's wireless equipment business. The communications company currently sells so-called WiMAX equipment, which helps support wireless broadband services at speeds up to 70 megabits per second and a broadcast range of up to 30 miles. Now, Motorola will provide WiMAX equipment to Clearwire.

As for Intel, it's no secret that company wants widespread adoption of its WiMAX chips, including the Rosedale 2 chips it announced several weeks ago. Clearwire provides an ideal platform for wider WiMAX adoption.

That makes the $900 million investment a win for all involved. Clearwire no longer needs to tap the IPO market, which has become increasingly difficult for tech companies, as seen with the dismal performance of *Vonage*. In fact, the company withdrew its IPO filing last week. In addition, it has two marquee partners to provide strong technology support and probably marketing muscle.

Intel and Motorola, meanwhile, get instant adoption of their next-generation technologies. This may spark the interest of other prospective customers; for example, *Sprint* is considering WiMAX for its own network. And if Clearwire does build a fast-growing business and goes public, Intel and Motorola stand to reap a nice IPO bonus.



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