I have seen some degradation of the content of the WISPA list server of late. A little humor and off topic chatter is ok but we probably need to improve our signal to noise ratio just a little bit guys please. Let's all step up the level of professionalism required to keep the list a vital part of our business.

We do have a chat list that is designed to be a place to just chat about anything on your mind. You can signup for it by going to http://lists.wispa.org/mailman/listinfo.cgi/chat and then you can tell jokes, discuss politics, slam each other's heritage ( not really) and whatever else not related to the business of running a WISP or improving policy you like as long as it does not turn into a battle royal.

WISPA has been working to gain some vendor membership as well as asking other WISPs to join. If this list looks like nothing but a "text bar" then we will not attract others to this forum and we need others with information and dues that can help us.
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