Has this information been sent to the 'paid' member list? I don't remember
seeing it there.
- Cliff

On 7/20/06 6:45 PM, "John Scrivner" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Dori,
> Please send a copy of MVN's Wireless Subscriber Agreement to
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] That address is only paid WISPA Principle Members. I
> want to make it clear to all of you that I am sharing this only as a
> reference of what I am doing. I do not warranty the use of this document
> in any way. I also insist that this document not be given to anyone
> other than WISPA paid members.
> Scriv
> Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
>> Can someone post me their install agreements?  If your a WISPA member,
>> post it to the members list.
>> N White wrote:
>>> We charge $85/hour for anything after standard installation. Standard
>>> installation includes installing and configuring the CPE and any
>>> customer computers that are present at the time of installation,
>>> including a installation of a router or switch if necessary. It does
>>> not include trenches, masts, custom wiring runs (attic, crawlspace,
>>> etc), or troubleshooting client PC problems.
>>> Nick
>>> KyWiFi LLC wrote:
>>>> We are starting to see more and more subscribers need custom
>>>> installations such as a vent pipe mount, aerial drop, trenching, etc.
>>>> How is everyone paying their sub-contractors when it comes to
>>>> non-standard installations? For instance, say you pay $75 to a
>>>> sub-contractor for a standard installation but when they arrive
>>>> at the job site, the subscriber needs a 10' ditch dug. If the
>>>> sub-contractor says he will dig the ditch for $25 do you just
>>>> tack this amount on to the subscriber's installation fee and then
>>>> pass it along to the sub-contractor or do you add say $10 - $20
>>>> to the amount the sub-contractor is going to charge you and then
>>>> bill the subscriber the inflated amount which would then have a
>>>> profit margin attached? Or, do you have the sub-contractor bill
>>>> the subscriber separately for digging the ditch or whatever else
>>>> they want/need done at their premises? In other words, do you
>>>> try to make a profit on the additional work performed by the
>>>> sub-contractor which falls outside a standard installation?
>>>> Shannon D. Denniston, Co-Founder
>>>> KyWiFi, LLC - Mt. Sterling, Kentucky
>>>> "Your Hometown Broadband Provider"
>>>> Call Us Today: 859.274.4033
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>>>> - FREE Activation & Equipment
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>>>> - Locally Owned & Operated
>>>> - We Also Service Most Rural Areas
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