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Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 11:35 AM
Subject: [WISPA] Tranzeo WDS capacity, Mikrotik - problems

I've got a two AP WDS setup with Tranzeo TR-6000's with PacWireless 13db
omni's on each.  They are less than a mile apart.  Any idea how many CPE's
can run on each AP before it starts causing issues?  We're going to be
replacing the WDS setup with an actual backhaul soon, but just haven't
gotten it done yet.

I tried using a single ap as a repeater for my first site. Heck, 11 megs and I only had 1.5 coming to town, what's to loose????

Didn't work out that way. The stability was horrible!!!! Believe it or not, 10 customers was more than it would support.

Admittedly this was before WDS so I don't know how much/if that will help. But since that day I've NEVER built a single radio repeater site. It's also why I don't believe that mesh will ever work well when there's only one radio at the node.

This gear just doesn't like to send and rec. on the same port. It wants data coming in on one and out the other.

For 10 subs I'd not worry about a real backhaul. We've done really well when using a client radio at the repeater site talking to the ap upstream. Then put in a swx and another ap, change channels AND essid and off you go again. Supposedly you'll see a 10 to 15% throughput drop from doing that but we generally seem to see more like 30 to 50%. I don't worry about the speeds till we drop below 1 meg though.

For more active sites I'll either put in a ptp link or, these days I'll run a high end 5 gig ptmp system and feed business customers and the wifi towers with that gear. It's a model that's working really well for me.

I'm having trouble with performance.  Works fine for awhile and then it
seems to bog down, and then back to normal again. I've got about 10 clients
(all  Tranzeo gear) on each of the AP's.  I wouldn't think that this would
cause issues but I may be wrong.  Signal between the WDS connections is
around the -65 mark so that's no problem.  I've got a couple of marginal
clients (running -90 or so) so I'm wondering if these could possibly be
causing it. Everything is horizontal pol.

All gear is a bit different. But for wifi gear a -90 is WAYYYYYY too low. For the newer gear I'll go as low as -80 but that's about as good as it gets. Anything over -65 is too high, you'll be much more likely to pick up multipath at the ACK level (all the really fun stuff happens at 1 meg so is often at the -95+ level).

I like my most sensitive radio level to be less than 30 dB below my signal level because most multipath that's a skip off of roads, cars, roofs etc. is around 30 dB or less I'm told.

Build a ballanced network. Not too hot or too cold. For today's wifi gear that means a "proper" signal level is from -75 to -65. Yeah, sometimes you have to go outside of those, but the cases are very limited and certainly a last ditch kind of thing.

When the service completely drops out I can get to the AP's just fine from the client end, but can't get to the router (RB532). I've switched out cabling, switches, etc with no luck. Have a new 532 on the way so I'm going to switch it out as well and see what happens, but anyone have any other thoughts?

So, what feeds the first ap? As I understand it you can't get to the noc right? How far from the noc can you get?

Might want to call me and we can walk through some of this quite a bit faster via the phone..... Outages aren't well handled via email much of the time :-).

Also, you said you've surveyed the area. Is that with a real spectrum analyzer or just netstumbler or some such tool? Nothing short of an analyzer will give you the data you really should have. Though there are some ways to interpret the signal quality data on today's wifi radios to get a bit of an idea.

Also, anyone have experience with an X10 camera shutting down their network?

Hasn't shut us down but sure could. They are always on, use almost the whole band and are very powerful transmitters. I do have an ap on a building that's got a wireless security system in it. I'm gonna buy the guy a wired system as soon as I can cause his wireless stuff causes some stability issues for me.

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