When you say limited success, can you give examples?
I'm about to buy some and would like to know what kinds of issues pop up.
Currently I'm using Trango 900 and RF Linx 900 UDC's and know the limitations of those radios, wondering how they compare to SR9's penetration wise.


cw wrote:
I didn't know a WRAP board would power a 700mW radio. We've had limited success with SR9s on WAR boards using 66 and 180 degree sector panels from Superpass. Does anyone know of any narrower beamwidth sector panels that don't weigh fifty pound or measure five feet in at least one direction? - cw

Lonnie Nunweiler wrote:
Whoa, bad assumption Rick.  We would never be waiting for anything
from Tranzeo.

I was saying we are awaiting our first batch of SR9 for evaluation and
our own network, but that many of our customers have already tested
SR9's with our software, and they report excellent results with both
the WAR board and the new V3 code for WRAP boards.

The Tranzeo should talk with an SR9 since they both use an Atheros
base.  The only trouble will be the driver and that I can't speak to.



To clarify please, I assume your saying that you are awaiting your first
shipment of Tranzeo 900's for your own use....but others have already
deployed WAR Boards V3 or WRAPs with the Tranzeo 900 solution.  Is that

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We are awaiting our own shipment but customers have reported good
results with WAR boards and the new V3 for x86 WRAP boards.


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