The last VoIP customer we turned up was a CLEC Peter referred us to. Thanks Peter! It took 10 minutes for them to be up and running with no problems since. Seems like a story about the customer being happy because the service works well and there were no problems or obstacles is kinda boring.


Peter R. wrote:
Optivon might want to release a case study: what they did with Sago; what problems and obstacles were experienced; how they overcame them; metrics.

No better way to win business than to tell people a story.

Speaking of stories TerraNovaNet in Key Largo, FL has a featured profile on ISP Planet!



John Scrivner wrote:

Thank you for passing along this success story for Optivon. They recently joined WISPA as a vendor member. I am glad to see that their belief in partnering with WISPs to use WISP platforms for delivery of VOIP is baring fruit. Thanks again Peter.
John Scrivner

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