That all sounds great, but we won't all of a sudden need 61,000 new medical transcriptionists every year for 20 years. ;)

Those people all had different jobs, or the same job somewhere else... so technically there wasn't a job created, there was a job moved.


Peter R. wrote:

In a study of Iowa City, which introduced a muni fiber network in 199? - in comparison to the next city over that was doing better but did not install fiber -
housing rates increased in IC
tax base went up
large biz came to town
average per capita went up

Court reporters; medical transcriptionists; virtaul assistants; voice over people; architects; programmers - all need broadband. And they would like to live in better America. That's how BB improves the economy.

All from BB Properties mag. in 2005.

- Peter

Travis Johnson wrote:


Can someone explain to me how having broadband (instead of dial-up internet that EVERYONE can get) is going to create 61,000 jobs per year for the next 20 years? If it will create jobs from people doing more online, then it will decrease jobs from the brick and mortar businesses going out of business. Am I missing something?


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