Not that I agree with you 100%, but I've seen people move here and assume broadband was available to them. When they find out they can't have it they all say "I make my living on the net and I need it bad"

I always wonder what they were thinking.

Anyways, government funding is fine if done right and by right I mean in a fair non wasteful way.


David Sovereen wrote:
Since when do the people on this list support taxation, waste, and
government subsidies?  Why should the burden of providing high-speed
Internet to people in underserved (typically rural) areas fall on the
shoulders of taxpayers?  I don't want my taxes to pay to expand your network
or for Joe User to get your service.

If people want services, they should live in a city.  If they want to live
in rural areas, they should do so with the understanding that services
(water, sewer, EMS, schools, cable, high-speed Internet, just about anything
and everything) are harder to come by and sometimes more expensive.  No one
makes people live in the country.  People choose to on their own, and they
should take responsibility for the costs and/or lack of services associated
with that decision.

Just my own 2 cents.


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