A tower. I think thats what I would suggest. Its probably cheaper and more stable than guying a weather balloon into place. I suppose you could buy a crane and park it there, but that would probably be more expensive than a tower, at least long term.
Do you have enough land available to put in guy wires, and permission to cut a few trees to bury guy anchors? A guyed tower would be less expensive than a self-supporting one.

You might consider making a deal with the person in the area with the tallest (and highest) house to mount the stuff there. If its tall enough, you might be able to bolt a section (or two) of Rohn 25 to the side of the chimney and reach what you are trying to. 80 feet is going to be tricky, but not impossible.

We mounted a 50' telescoping mast to my brother's fatherinlaw's chimney using three 4" standoffs and a LOT of 1/4" steel rope for guy wire at every guy ring. Its holding up a 19" basket grid antenna and a 17db pacwireless sector. We have enough customers on it to justify a real rohn25 tower on the ground now.

Pete Davis

Mark Koskenmaki wrote:
I'm interested in what people would suggest using to reach 60 to 80 feet
above the ground.      It needs to hold a sector or two (my holy bird-frying
sectors, Batman!), and a 2 foot solid dish and a grid dish.   The ground is
rocky, and there's 35 to 55 foot trees in all directions.

This is to reach only a few people, not more than a dozen, so price is a
serious consideration.


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