George - can you tell me if calling me a bigot is a slam ? IF it is,
then you fall under the same category. 

I guess it's ok for a vendor to hijack threads to promote his own stuff
? The thread was about the Routerboard 532As and Mikrotik. This is my
opinion and I will post my opinions. I guess you think it's ok for you
to practice DICTATORSHIP ? 

I was not interested in reading posts labled Routerboard 532 and Star-OS
crap. If I were interested in Star-OS crap instead of Mikrotik, then I
would look for posts labled Star-OS ! 

Maybe you should put more time into managing the posts and subject lines
of the threads.

I do have an opinion and am a paying member.

Which vendors are you talking about ? Which WISPs ? Don't throw out
bullcrap unless you're willing to provide the proof.

I banter/kid/joke with the Canadians and have for several years and will
continue to do so. I have slammed vendors on Part-15s lists and also
Judd's list who have proved to me to be substandard in customer service
or product quality, but I can't recall the last time I "slammed" a
vendor on WISPA.


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> *****Lonnie is famous for hijacking threads to promote his products. 
> We shouldn't punish him for it because after all, he is canadian ! :)~
> JohnnyO

Johnny.. Where do you come from that you think it is ok to practice

On this list, it is not ok to be a bigot.

We have had numerous people complain about your slams. Some are vendors 
who have said they will not contribute financially and others were wisps

who will not subscribe to a list that your on.

I am going to ask the board to consider removing your posting


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