IMHO, this is real simple......

If you give me an IP, in near real-time or for a few months after, I can give you a user name and address, unless it was a free, public access use at one of our hotspots, in which case you are SOL. If it is 6 months ago or longer, if the user is still a customer, I can give you a name and address. If they have terminated service and paid their bill in full, you are again SOL.

Beyond that, I can't tell you anything. I do not track where my users go or what they do or who they IM to, or who they email. It is none of my business and I resent the .gov trying to make me an unpaid cop. If the .gov wants this data, they can pay for it... and the equipment.... and the data storage... and the bandwidth.... and my time....

The only thing we track is virus and spam traffic. And that only for defending network integrity. Those logs die if not looked at in 24-48 hours....

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