Agreed, it's doable. I'd vote for Orthogon as it does a preemptive adaptive rate modulation. With the long paths there is greater opportunity for signal fades over short periods. So you may get 40+Mb most of the time, but due to changes in atmosphere, temperature inversions, and variations in objects around the RF path there can be moments when the signal will degrade. Orthogon detects fade and as the signal gets near the threshold it'll switch to a lower modulation rate before bits start getting lost. Then as the signal increases it hops right back up to full speed. The Orthogon prediction tool even gives you the amount of time that it expects the link to be at each modulation rate. And we've found the tool to be right on the money if not just a touch conservative. Be happy to do the link analysis for you. Let me know.

Mike B

Matt Larsen - Lists wrote:

This is very doable. I have a 65 mile link with Trangos and 4' Dishes with a -65 signal. They would work just fine with 3' dishes.

You will probably have to go with Orthogon, Redline or possibly B100 to make that work at those costs.
Matt Larsen

Mario Pommier wrote:

   Is this even doable?: 74 mile point-to-point link.
   Very Clear LOS to mountaintop.
   Thinking of a 40Mbps minimum.  This means 5.8Ghz I guess.
This is the kind of thing I have to stretch my mind to in order to reduce my bandwidth costs to the internet.


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