I've been holding off on the SR9's till I heard more and lonnie has had time to figure out what changes need to be made.

Also I'm waiting on pac wireless 900 rootennas to make life easy.

Sometimes it's better to wait.


cw wrote:
Thanks for the info, Lonnie. The coathangers came after we couldn't make PacWireless sector panels, omnis or yagis work. Four radios on one WAR4 surprises me. Thought that was too much power consumption.

You're using yagis for the base station broadcast? Which one/s? Can anyone point me at documentation for yagi propagation?

I'll be real interested to see if you get any penetration at a mile or more. - cw

Lonnie Nunweiler wrote:
We have not finished testing yet so we are keeping a bit quiet.  I do
not wish to promote this until I know for sure it is reliable.  I can
say that initial testing shows much better results than cw is seeing.
Of course we do not use omnis and coat hangers but rather PacWireless
9 dB, 11 dB and 13 dB yagis.

Our initial test configuration is a 4 port WAR board with 2 SR9 radios
in the bottom slots and 2 WLM-54G radios in top slots.  We run from
24V solar, so the voltage goes from 21V to 28V depending on state of
charge and battery.  With our tower locations I can hit the both
directions up and down our Valley on both 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz.  Wer
figure almost everybody should be able to connect with one or both.
The preference will be for 2.4 GHz and use 900 MHz for tough jobs.

I'll have more information later this week as we begin to connect a
few customers and let them beat on it.

On 8/31/06 4:05 PM, "cw" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Is anyone getting satisfactory performance with SR9s on WAR boards? If so, what antennas are you using for base station and subscriber end?
> At an 1/8 of a mile through foliage and structures, a neg ninety two is rock solid moving 1500k/sec with a couple of coat hangers for antennas. At 1/4 of a mile with less of everything in the way, a neg eighty-five barely > associates and drops packets with most antenna combinations we've tried.
> A Pac Wireless 8dBi omni on the base station was the worst. Small Pac
> Wireless sector panel to sector panel was the best performance. Yagi to omni was worse than disappointing. I'd appreciate any antenna suggestions.

George Rogato

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