We deploy BrideWave gear and have been happy with it. BridgeWave also has a licensed radio operating in the 80Ghz range.


Mario Pommier wrote:
This is a new area of wireless deployment for me:
I've been asked to quote for a gigabit wireless link between a radiology department and a nearby hospital (0.4 miles).
I'm aware of two options so far, and here's some info I've gathered:
-- BridgeWave - 60Ghz; unlicensed; $25,000 complete link; ~$6,000 5-year hardware warranty; 1Gbps -- GigaBeam - 70/80Ghz; licensed; $37,000 complete link (includes $1,000 10-year license); $0.00 5-year hardware warranty; 2.7Gbps release by Dec. 2006.

I know Bob Moldashel said he has installed the Bridgewave.
Anyone care to comment on any experience you've had with these companies?

Thanks a lot.


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