Patent for Invention to Eliminate Wireless Interference

TechnoConcepts says that it has filed a patent application for a new invention to cancel unwanted radio signals that interfere with wireless reception. The "Adaptive Narrowband Interference Canceller for Broadband Systems" is fully software programmable, can be adapted for use in many digital radio receivers, and claims the benefit of a provisional patent filing in September 2005.

"The airwaves, particularly in urban areas, are crowded with competing wireless transmissions. Often, strong unwanted transmissions interfere with reception by a wireless device. This invention will make it easier for our wireless receiver chip to ignore those interfering transmissions," said Ronald Hickling, Chief Technology Officer of TechnoConcepts.

Antonio Turgeon, CEO and Chairman of TechnoConcepts, said: "We continue to expand our patent portfolio. Based upon several innovative ideas and methods from Dr. Oleg Panfilov, our Chief Scientific Officer, this patent should help us in our efforts to protect certain aspects of our direct conversion receiver technology. We anticipate that this invention can also be separately applied to improve the reception of conventional digital wireless devices. If we are able to successfully commercialize this new invention, we expect that it will provide the Company with an additional continuing source of licensing revenue."

This invention will become an integral part of TechnoConcepts' True Software Radio, a wireless transmitter/receiver chip technology that operates continuously across different frequency bands, controlled entirely by software.

As part of the commercialization process, the Company is currently conducting parametric characterization of its first chips designed for base station applications.

Completion of the characterization process is expected by October 2006. The Company anticipates then having a preliminary specification sheet that will serve as the baseline for its initial production run, targeted for the first quarter of the 2007 calendar year.

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