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Mac Dearman wrote:

 West Corporation bought Intrado for 465 million dollars not including
expenses. I think that makes Intrado pretty sound and West Corporation is up
24% to $460 million in revenues in their second quarter reports 2006. Who
are they? Hell who really cares? They had 460 million CASH - - someone knows
them well and does a lot of business with them!

 You can try to trash anything, but that does not change the truth of what
is going on at Intrado, West Communications or their partners. You can
schpill a bunch of crap, but that is not going to change the fact that you
are not legal in what you are doing if you aren't providing e911 for your
VoIP clients. 

Now, as far as we are concerned - for any and all that want to sell their
VoIP solution (or ours) and not worry about having the FCC breathe down
their necks - - I am offering a solution that will allow that at a price
that will not send them to the bank or wonder how they are going to manage
to pay next months bills due to an outrageous expense where there is no ROI.
I am doing my best to make it easier on the WISP while you are trying to
make them believe that you have the only solution or our solution has
serious flaws. I have no doubt that you are a knowledgeable person, but dude
- you are not the God of VoIP! Can you ever speak well of what someone else
is doing or what the industry has happening? Is it always a terrible thing
if you aren't in the middle of it?

As far as providing e911 where there is NO 911 services - - well that says
it all. That would be like building a 5 star hotel in the ghetto. Nomadic
e911 is one method of handling that until the actual 911 build out is
accomplished. It does make you legal if you are doing business in a place
like that. I don't have a clue as to where that would be, but it is better
than a bed pan and two drum sticks. It is a honest effort to accomplish what
is not yet possible. I didn't say it was the best - - I said it would get
you by to make you legal.

I am also unsure what MANUAL administrative processes you are referring too
and if you would care to hit me off list with that I will do my darndest to

I think the crowd has answered the rest of your email as far as what has
kept them out of the VoIP business :-) I will not debate this on list any
further as far as the technical goes, but I will say if you need a fine e911
provider and you are a WISPA member - - hit me off list for your discounted
price, full service - FCC Certified letter guaranteeing our compliance and I
will be happy to reply. 

Sho nuff,

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Mac Dearman wrote:
I am at a loss here as they are the Nations largest and even providing 
for certain Telcos! They have written the book on e911 as well as hold 
a many patents on the technology.
They are the nations largest in terms of e911 management. However, 
before last year they didn't have a single e911 trunk. They tried to 
leverage their situation and provide VoIP e911 until they found 
themselves out of money from the buildout expense. They were bought by 
an unheard of company back in January. See
Yes - there is. First, where there are no actual 911 addresses or the 
County/Parish does not have their end set up there is the long/Lat 
approach that is being used. The right PSAP is still attained and the 
right address is given.
Wrong, the FCC requires the VoIP operator to support e911 regardless of 
whether it is available. The VoIP operator is not allowed to market 
services in areas where e911 isn't supported.
Well, we are doing much better than that :-)  The biggest advantage 
with us is that once the e911 call is placed it does not travel over 
SIP trunks or the internet when it hits our NOC as we have dedicated 
PRIs to handle that traffic and we  dump it to that route. This way we 
are not relying on Level3 in Dallas J but a straight shot to Intrado.
Having PRIs doesn't help you with manual administrative processes. Your 
company is not special; every telecom company has to deal with these 
issues. You just don't know that you will have to.
The e911 price is exactly what's holding the majority back! The 
majority of the ISPs who want to do VoIP can't handle a $5000.00 set 
up fee and then a minimum of $300.00 per month starting out with 3 
VoIP phone clients!
When we talk with other WISPs about VoIP they aren't so much worried 
about the price. They are worried about their network, supporting their 
customers, running their own switch, etc.
It is not perfect, but VoIP is absolutely too easy! Asterisk has made 
it possible for my mother to set up a fully functional PBX. It kind of 
reminds me of driver's license in that any idiot who can breathe and 
see can get a license and anyone who can order a disc with the newest 
GUI can be in the VoIP business. Now the truth is that there are 
thousands out there, but only 10 worth subscribing to.
Who are these 10? And why would you include your company in the list?
Do you resell e911?
Who are you using for a solution?

The ILEC like everyone else.
Do you have a FCC certificate for each State you are doing business in?

We are well aware of all the FCC regulations that impact our company and 
abide by them.


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