Just think of how this'll hit the DSL guys!  grin

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Bingo Frank Muto!

Exactly my point. (figured I would stir the pot up, it has been quiet lately)

This is a new approach to delivering cable tv. Across your network to reach their customer. Would be ok if it was a minimum bandwidth consumption like Vonage, but, it's not, it's 500kbps MINIMUM. It's 500k minimum continuous load across your network for each of your customers who subscribe to their 20.00 per month service.

How many customers would it take to slooooow down your network err Access Point?

On my network, maybe 5 to 10 or so before my subs will no longer see that snappy 4 megs that I offer.

And bitcaps, sort of like tying a rope around your neck and being asked to walk this way, please.

I think Apple has something similar comming down the pipe, not sure though. They at least will be connecting the computer to the TV.


Frank Muto wrote:
I think the point is that AT&T is pushing to charge extra for additional bandwidth loads, e.g., Amazon, Google, Yahoo! etc, and this is where all the Net Neutrality crap began from.

Do you recall AT&T Whitacre's "nobody gets a free ride" statement?

<snip> Whitacre complained that "some people" want AT&T to act as a "dumb pipe that just keeps getting bigger and bigger." "This thing is growing at a rate that nobody would imagine," Whitacre said of the market demand for bandwidth. He said AT&T networks are now handling 5.6 Petabytes of data every day. "There's more and more content, and you need more and more bandwidth, and somebody's got to build it." "If you build it, you have to make a return on that," he continued. "Nobody gets a free ride, that's all." </snip> So the point is, if one of your customers subscribes, can your network handle it? Or will you charge them extra?

Frank Muto
Co-founder -  Washington Bureau for ISP Advocacy - WBIA

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George Rogato wrote:


For those who can't psychically divine article content from URLs, the
article is about a service through which a few cable TV stations,
including Fox News (We report, we decide) and The Weather Channel, will
be available for $20 a month. Apparently AT&T is involved somehow, but
the article is a bit unclear as to who's doing what.

I don't really see how this is, per se, subsidizing AT&T. In this
instance, they're just offering a service that folks can choose to
subscribe to, or not, and that's pretty much it. They (presumably) offer
it on identical terms to both their DSL subscribers, and those who
subscribe to other ILECs' DSL packages, and cable, and WISP, and so on.

If NBC Universal offered a service where you could have episodes of
"Project Runway" and "Battlestar Galactica" streamed to your PC, would
we suddenly say we were subsidizing them? (Hey, if it keeps those shows
on the air a few more years, subsidize away ;)

David Smith

George Rogato

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