Where did you find the 500k minimum requirement? I looked on att.mobitv.com and couldn't find any speed requirement or average bandwidth usage. From the looks of the channel lineup I can see that it could be significantly less as some of the channels are designed specifically for mobile usage.

I'm not sure how we are subsidizing AT&T any more than I am subsidizing google, youtube or any other content provider. In this case AT&T and mobitv are partnered and acting as a content provider.

I think wireless providers are in a better situation to handle this type of bandwidth than DSL providers are. It is a heck of a lot easier for me to throw up another AP than it is for the telco to throw in another DSLAM to handle the load, especially when the 5.4 band is finalized.

That being said I don't really see this as much of an issue. It is another stab at a video service but I doubt it will get much traction due to the limitations:
- Limited channel lineup
- Limited usage, 1 PC/$20 account
- 30 minute "Are you still watching? timeout"

If someone wants to offer a TV service that will REALLY take off and eat my BW. What is needed is video on demand. TV shows timeshifted for my viewing schedule, possibly on a subscription basis (I "subscribe" to 24 and they record it for me) or even better would be just record everything and offer it all for download for the next X hours/days. Add in an affordable commercial skip and it will really take off.

For movies on demand I think cinemanow is offering this type of service, but there are several restrictions for the DRM model which makes it unappealing to me (Windows required).

But I really don't see a mass rejection of dish or cable TV, both of those mediums were designed to deliver video and are best suited for it. They offer the highest quality signal and the easiest user interface along with the broadest channel selection and at a reasonable price point. What exactly am I getting from TV over my broadband connection other than the "G-Whiz" factor. It slows my internet connection and delivers a lower quality signal. The biggest benefits I am seeing from "IPTV" at this point are in the independant media department with shows like systm and Hak5 and the like.

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   Sandhills Wireless

George Rogato wrote:
Bingo Frank Muto!

Exactly my point. (figured I would stir the pot up, it has been quiet lately)

This is a new approach to delivering cable tv. Across your network to reach their customer. Would be ok if it was a minimum bandwidth consumption like Vonage, but, it's not, it's 500kbps MINIMUM. It's 500k minimum continuous load across your network for each of your customers who subscribe to their 20.00 per month service.

How many customers would it take to slooooow down your network err Access Point?

On my network, maybe 5 to 10 or so before my subs will no longer see that snappy 4 megs that I offer.

And bitcaps, sort of like tying a rope around your neck and being asked to walk this way, please.

I think Apple has something similar comming down the pipe, not sure though. They at least will be connecting the computer to the TV.


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