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>Subject: Re: [WISPA] tv white spaces update and a question for you guys
>I would think a better approach would be to work with Intel or another
>company who is already building prototypes to get a test system built
>and have WISPs become the operations portion of a test for this type of
>technology. A converted WiFi unit will not have any of the existing GPS
>or sniffing capabilities required in the NPRM. If we are going to become
>part of the solution then we need to have something capable of doing
>what is being asked in the NPRM.
>Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Looks like we're still TWO years away from being able to use the white
>> spaces. In a month we'll see the first draft rules from the FCC.
>> It looks like what they want to do is to get some testing data. I'd
>> like to propose to them that we be allowed to build a few test systems
>> using 2.4 ghz to tv band converters. Similar to the 2.4 to 900mhz
>> converters.
>> I think it's important to have the support of WISPA on this, officially.
>> Thoughts?
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