if you want to test tv-band spectrum penetration in rural areas -- read, with lots of trees -- that's where testing needs to take place. I'm sure there's a lot of us who operate in areas that qualify for this kind of signal obstruction.
what do you mean by wispa officially supports?


John Scrivner wrote:

I would think a better approach would be to work with Intel or another company who is already building prototypes to get a test system built and have WISPs become the operations portion of a test for this type of technology. A converted WiFi unit will not have any of the existing GPS or sniffing capabilities required in the NPRM. If we are going to become part of the solution then we need to have something capable of doing what is being asked in the NPRM.

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Looks like we're still TWO years away from being able to use the white spaces. In a month we'll see the first draft rules from the FCC.

It looks like what they want to do is to get some testing data. I'd like to propose to them that we be allowed to build a few test systems using 2.4 ghz to tv band converters. Similar to the 2.4 to 900mhz converters.

I think it's important to have the support of WISPA on this, officially.

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