Marlon, I'm rather surprised that you would even mention 2.4GHz(wifi I assume) as a possible technology to use in these bands. Now that they have cellular technologies specifically designed for BWA purposes (Canopy and WIMAX are good examples) and given the possibility of a fresh start to using this spectrum, using an unarguably inferior technology for BWA like wifi just doesn't make sense. You end up with the craziness we have right now in the current bands. If testing data for equipment operation in that band is needed, you could probably obtain this information from a few companies off the top of my head like Qualcomm(Flash-OFDM), IPwireless(TD-CDMA) and Airspan(WIMAX and proprietary), that currently have experience w/ 700MHz. IMO if they ever release a 'WISP band'(which I would be surprised), they need to have a GPS synchronized transmission cycle as a requirement... Here's an idea, make WIMAX as the accepted technology for that spectrum. Then all you need is the WISP(s) in the area to coordinate transmission cycles to minimize interference potential. That leads to a whole other subject, if a 'wisp-band' were opened up, the WISP industry could potentially be a whole new ball-game...think companies(AOL, Speakeasy, Covad, etc) spending 10s of millions to go regional/nation-wide that you would otherwise potentially not have to compete against. Now THAT would be interesting :-)

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Hi All,

Looks like we're still TWO years away from being able to use the white spaces. In a month we'll see the first draft rules from the FCC.

It looks like what they want to do is to get some testing data. I'd like to propose to them that we be allowed to build a few test systems using 2.4 ghz to tv band converters. Similar to the 2.4 to 900mhz converters.

I think it's important to have the support of WISPA on this, officially.

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