It looks like he is talking about the antenna ports on the mPCI card. There are generally two u.fl or some combo u.fl and sma, etc. He is stating that if you utilize the wrong port on the card then what is configured you will loss 20+db of signal. It also looks like the WLM54AG's have an issue where they loss some signal if you utilize the secondary port / b port on the card. FYI I have not used the WLM54AG card as of yet. Sticking with my old reliable cm9's and SR5's

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John Scrivner wrote:
I suppose this information would be meaningful if I had any idea what you were talking about. Can you maybe put your thoughts into language people can understand who do not have intimate knowledge of the product you are discussing? I would really like to know what the differences are between the two products but I cannot understand what you are talking about here. Your help is appreciated.

Mark Koskenmaki wrote:

After spending a lot of time working with a couple WLM54AG's,  I know
without a doubt that the "main" is different for a CM9 and the Compex radio.

You can switch to the "b" port, but as best I can tell, you still have some
loss as compared to using the main port.

In "auto", the difference between the two is around 12 db, manually chosen or forced to one port or the other, it appears to be well more than 20 db
isolation between them.

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Did not try the other port and the signals were lower on both ends.



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Did you try both antenna ports?  On the two that connected, were the
signals 12 to 14dB lower on both sides of the link?


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