Mac! Let's turn the temperature of this debate down a few degrees. You guys are taking a quick trip to Flamesville here. You can drive your point home without driving it into someone's backside. Let's be civil here.

Mac Dearman wrote:

Mark Koskenmaki:

Am I missing something?

YES!! No doubt!

Is this just a setting problem or ???

"Or" is a big word and I really think it is an "or" problem. I think you
need your head examined first for saving the $60.00 on the difference
between a RB532 & a RB112. Were these vital links? Were they mission critical links?
Do you have residual money coming in off these links?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions and you put a residential
RB112 (16 megs memory) in place - - you got what you paid for - - quit
bitching for your mistake and complaining about throughput, suck it up and
get a real SBC that will give you what you are looking for!

Don't cut corners again and you won't get burned. You will not suffer loss
as you can reuse the RB112's as a "client" - - - that's what they were built
for although you can use them as a backhaul - just don't expect the world to
pass through them all at once.

I apologize if this seemed rash, but it chaps me hind end to here some one
complain about their Chevy half ton pick up truck not hauling 80,000lbs and
this complaint is along those lines.
You get what you pay for!!


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