What are your signal levels on each side (the actual RSSI using the management program)?

Even at 1.5 miles, with 2ft dishes I show you should have a -26db RSSI and total downtime during a 1 year period of 7 minutes. (99.99999% uptime).


David E. Smith wrote:
Travis Johnson wrote:

P-com 38ghz with DS3 to ethernet converters. 1ms ping times, 45Mbps full-duplex 
(90Mbps total). Total equipment cost less than $3,000. Check on ebay.

As long as it doesn't rain. :)

Seriously, I've got two pair of these, and while they're rock-solid most
of the time, I do have a few issues with rain fade. Normal drizzle and
light rain aren't a problem, but torrential pouring-down-buckets Katrina
flashback rain will make the link drop for a few minutes. (The two links
I have are about 1/2 mile and 1 1/2 miles, and the longer one is a bit
more susceptible to rain fade. They're both running near or at the
maximum legal transmit power, and have the highest-gain antennas I could
find for that gear.)

Also, to stay nice and legal, don't forget to factor in the license
costs. (38GHz is licensed spectrum, but you can lease a license for $500
per link per year. Not a big cost, but something to keep in mind.)

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