I think the biggest problem you will have when trying to replace a fiber line will be half-duplex vs. full-duplex. They are "used" to full-duplex... and 99% of the unlicensed equipment is only half-duplex. If you move to Orthogon or something that will do 200Mbps half-duplex, you should be fine... but you are talking a LOT more money than the 38ghz stuff. ;)


Scott Reed wrote:
What about unlicensed?  Anything that can do this link well?

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> Travis Johnson wrote:
> > P-com 38ghz with DS3 to ethernet converters. 1ms ping times, 45Mbps full-duplex
> > (90Mbps total). Total equipment cost less than $3,000. Check on ebay.
> As long as it doesn't rain. :)
> Seriously, I've got two pair of these, and while they're rock-solid most
> of the time, I do have a few issues with rain fade. Normal drizzle and
> light rain aren't a problem, but torrential pouring-down-buckets Katrina
> flashback rain will make the link drop for a few minutes. (The two links
> I have are about 1/2 mile and 1 1/2 miles, and the longer one is a bit
> more susceptible to rain fade. They're both running near or at the
> maximum legal transmit power, and have the highest-gain antennas I could
> find for that gear.)
> Also, to stay nice and legal, don't forget to factor in the license
> costs. (38GHz is licensed spectrum, but you can lease a license for $500
> per link per year. Not a big cost, but something to keep in mind.)
> David Smith
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