Good point Charles and exactly the point I was making during a vendor
presentation not long ago.  Bottom line is we are a results driven company.
I really don't care if two tin cans and twine is the best solution or if the
solution is pulsed multi-wave fiber as long as the results are what we are

The old adage that a system made up of one brand over another renders a
network more valuable than another is not what smart money looks for.  The
value of a network is the profit it generates to the bottom line.  The
equipment that produces those profits is largely irrelative as it will be
replaced by newer technology in relatively short order anyway.

We strive for the best product for the objective at hand and do not attempt
to put a square peg in a round hole just because the last job happened to be
a good fit for a square peg.



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Keep in mind...although, as techies, we love to get into a "my @[EMAIL 
bigger/better then yours" debate, the simple fact is that there's no "magic
bullet" solution that will make your WISP succeed.  Heck, the ones that I
see fail or stagnate are generally the ones who spend all their mind-share
"tweaking their system" and don't bother to go sign on customers.

Remember, with the obsolecense of whatever technology you choose to deploy
(heck, the value of your radio probably depreciates 30-50% the minute you
hang it on the tower) as long as your network is stable and capable of
adequately delivering your product, the value of your business is a DIRECT
MULTIPLE of your EBIDTA &/or recurring revenue.  

Here's an analogy

In the distribution business, we have our circles/listservs just like WISPs
have listservs, and rather than debating wireless gear, we spend our time
comparing back-end software platforms.  Now, when valuing a distribution
company, assuming that my customers are happy, orders are fulfilled, and
inventory is properly tracked and accounted for, the amount of money that I
spend on my back-end software (if it's $5k for Quickbooks Enterprise or $50k
for Oracle or $250k for some custom developed solution) is COMPLETELY
IRRELEVANT as compared to my revenues, cost of sales, EBIDTA & cash flow.

>From an operational perspective, provided that you understand each
benefits/limitations, Canopy, Trango, Alvarion (and even DIY WiFi) are all
tools, and they all work fine to fill the task that they were built for --
the success of your business is due more to your knowledge of networking and
business operations (and ultimately sales and profits) then it is the
product that you choose


P.S. -- Xtratyme failed even though they spents $$$$ on all three <ducking>

Operating Manager - CTI
I'm back...

WiNOG Wireless Roadshows
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The biggest reason we use Trango is because we sell our wireless service 
as symmetrical. Even on the residential level, if they purchase 512k 
they get 512k down and 512k up. So, if I use Canopy, I have to do a 
50/50 split, which means even the Advantage product only provides 7Mbps 
of "usable" bandwidth.

I would estimate 15% of our new signups for wireless are because of the 
symmetrical speed (even though 99% of them never use it). Another 15% 
comes from offering a real static IP address.


Matt Liotta wrote:

> Gino A. Villarini wrote:
>> GPS sync is extra $$.
> Of course you can also just string sync cables between radios for 
> free.
>> True, but this is truly what makes canopy works and you have nice 3rd
>> party
>> options like and for the gps 
>> sync
>> units that start @ less than $300 for a 4 port Sync unit
> Thanks for the reference to third party sync devices. I am not at all
> happy with the CMM. I looked at the devices from the respective 
> vendors you shared. While they do look more in line with our needs 
> than the CMM I was wondering if you have seen any third party sync 
> devices that are rack mount and can handle 10+ radios. In fact, 
> handling 24 radios would be awesome for us.
> -Matt
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