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How much detail do you want? Those not familiar with Alvarion are generally shocked at the level of what can be done in terms of features. Makes Trango and Canopy look like a kindergartener's product. But to be candid, that level of detail is also Achilles' heel.

I'd be interested in hearing a bit more about the VL series. I've looked over the website and followed a few of the threads (including this one) and am a little familiar with the product. For instance:

How does it compare against Product X for price? (average street price)

Some would use this type of product as an infrastructure device (backhauling towers to a central location). What makes it better than product X (Canopy, trango, etc.) for this application?

For end user deployment, what makes it better than Canopy or other product? (high density AP type use)

What other features put it "in a class all by itself"?

From my perspective (as a consultant to the industry), why would I
recommend this product above all others?

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