Ralph Fowler wrote:
Spectran?  Are you talking about the software for a PC sound card?
That's not going to do what you want, for sure!
There really isn't a cheap solution.

We have an expensive hand held unit, looks like an alien ray gun, that does a range of 0 - 6ghz with down to 1mhz resolution per step. The problems are not enough resolution (can't see any difference between -80dbm and -60dbm, or at least, not without a lot of time consuming tweeking and such), and no real-time sweeping capabillity, making a complete pass take too long for direction finding activities (or at least, for my reletive level of inexperience).

What I'd want, I think, is a crt with the wavy lines updated in near real time, in a hand held unit I can take into the field and really see what and where things are. I don't care too much about formallities, I'd just like to see that, yes, there's a -37 between 2454 and 2459mhz and that's why this link isn't working.

There were a few units from Berkeley Varitronics that we were considering at one point, but unfortunately we couldn't be permitted to receive a live demonstration and so that $4,000 sale had to be postponed indefinately because we don't buy expensive equipment we're not permitted to try out first. And that's too bad because they really do seem to have some quite useful field testing equipment more tuned and designed for wisp field use than the generic spectrum analysis tools previously mentioned.


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