Trying to evaluate all of my options here, and thought I would see what other CPE are out there that are comparable to Tranzeo CPQ units (802.11b, built-in router, etc).  Want to stay within that price range, but DON'T want to build a unit myself.  Not that I'm not happy with the CPQ's, but I've had a run of bad ones (to the tune of 1 in almost every 10 pack I get in here) and just not sure what's going on.  I just got word of a price increase on the CPE units also (not the CPQ's though).  
I'd also like to get something a little smaller in physical size than the Tranzeo's.  Not that they are bad, but would be nice if they weren't quite such an eyesore.  Again, that's not a huge issue though.
Anyway, just thought I'd throw this out.  I've considered Canopy, but of course, that's an entire network change.  Just not sure if I want to do that, and not sure if it would be as financially economical as Tranzeo in the long run. 
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