This may be a bit silly since I'm only a wireless guy (don't do DSL or anything else). But if you are the telco, why would you want to go wireless? I would think it would be cheaper and more reliable to provide internet over the wire you already have strung to the customers house... Anyone who knows better care to enlighten me?

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Peter R. wrote:
BellSouth Expands pre-WiMAX Service to 2 More Markets

BellSouth announced the expansion of its pre-WiMAX broadband wireless into
two new markets by late October -- select parts of Albany, Georgia and
Paducah, Kentucky. Additionally, service will be expanded in the New Orleans
area to include New Orleans East. With these expansions, BellSouth will
offer the service in 10 Southeastern markets, including four markets
recently launched in September: North Charleston, S.C.; Melbourne, Fla.;
Greenville, Miss.; and Chattanooga, Tenn.

BellSouth Wireless Broadband Service offers downstream speeds up to 1.5Mbps
using its licensed WCS 2.3GHz spectrum.


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