Since clients are talking to this particular CM9 I assume your using a
sector or an omni? Are you using Coax surge protector that is properly
grounded? Atheros cards are using a rf selector switch which is fairly
sensitive and easily get damaged which results in about 20dB signal loss
which in many cases means no association from clients. The other radio is
also a CM9 but your using a highly directional antenna that don't pick up as
much static energy as an omni (worst ones) or sector. 

/ Eje

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> Subject: [WISPA] StarOS/WRAP/CM9 Issue
> We are experiencing a recurring problem with one of the WRAP
> boards running StarOS with CM-9 cards in our network. The problem
> initially started out with the board locking up every 3 - 4 days like
> clockwork. The problem was resolved by an onsite reboot because
> I was unable to login to the board and it was unresponsive after it
> locked up. After several onsite visits over the past month and after
> replacing the power supply, poe injector and Cat5 surge protectors
> on both ends of the Cat5, I decided that it was a bad WRAP board
> so I replaced it with a new one. To be on the safe side, I re-configured
> the board manually without uploading the server.dat backup file. The
> board worked fine for a week and then the clients on wpci1 lost their
> connection. I was able to login to the board and reboot it this time but
> the reboot did not resolve the issue. None of the clients on this CM-9
> were able to re-associate to it following the reboot. The issue was
> resolved
> by replacing that particular CM-9 card with a new one. Well, a week later,
> it is doing the same exact thing again. The other CM-9 is working properly
> as it is serving a BH link to one of our other sites. The signal on it is
> normal
> and clients are passing traffic through it (wpci2) normally. Has anyone
> experienced this type of problem in their own network? At this point, I am
> thinking we received a bad batch of CM-9 cards or there is a problem with
> the Cat5. Being that it is happening with the same card slot (wpci1) I
> honestly
> do not feel it is a Cat5 related issue so I'm leaning more towards it
> being
> a bad batch of CM-9 cards or defective WRAP board. Any tips on further
> troubleshooting this issue? What are the odds of it being a problem with
> the Cat5 cable?
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