I want to hit on a couple points:

Leasing is financing is debt.

You need a CPA and corporate attorney to run a successful business endeavor.
You need a corporate structure to separate your business from your personal (and you need to NOT co-mingle).
Everything should have a corporate shield.

The tax write-off thing only works when you need the item or you might as well buy it instead of paying taxes. But tax write-offs only work for companies running cash flow positive.

Hopefully your customer has signed a lease and contract with you for the 36 months. An iron-clad contract. Otherwise, every lease puts you at risk and on-the-hook.
Yes you can move the CPE to another customer, but there is expense at that.

Plus, losing customers. If you are losing customers, especially before the 36 months is up, you need to examine why that is. Unless they move out of service range, what is the reason they leave? If you tell me that it is price, I will tell you that you are a provider of dubious value and the customer never felt like he was getting his money's worth.

Customer acquisition and installation are probably some of your largest costs. You should have a plan in place to insure that your customer churn is low. How many touches to the customer per year? Any upsell or cross-sell to customer?

What is your Value Proposition?

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