This is an issue which needs further study for sure. The sky is not falling I do not believe. Taking action to force complete neutrality on all net traffic is not in the best interest of a commercial ISP who has to make some tough decisions when looking at issues like peer to peer traffic and such. I am not interested in forcing myself to adhere to an "all bits are created equal" philosophy unless there are provisions that allow me to filter viruses, spam, limit excessive abusive traffic, etc. I think everyone needs to study the issue fully and then start thinking about how best to proceed. In the meantime we need to get a feel for what the possibility is of us all getting shafted at peering locations. I see this as the biggest threat to what we do as an industry. If we have to start paying prices like the old days or higher for bandwidth then this could get ugly real fast.

Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:

I watched it too. Very nicely done. I'm not sure that I like the fact that there were no telcos there. I've got mixed emotions about this one. On the one hand, I don't like government over regulation. It's true that there isn't a problem today. It's also true that the telcos aren't to be trusted. I think I lean more to letting the market take care of it's self till we KNOW of a problem or an impending one. Someone else really needs to take the lead on this though. I fail to see any concrete reasons to be all worked up about anything other than the idea that all should be able to buy anything they can afford. The argument that some will have faster pipes than others rings hollow to me because the internet is already like that. The more you pay, the faster you can go. Gee, what a concept. Marlon
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    Thanks John, I watched the program.  Very good, How are we working
    toward this goal?  And Marlon, what should I be doing to help?
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        Hello Alex. I am sorry you have had trouble posting to our
        list. Please send the error you receive when you try to post
        to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and he will get it fixed. I am copying the
        list with your information.
        John Scrivner

        Alex Huppenthal wrote:

         Since I my posts to the general list never make it, perhaps
        you'd like to post this. An important event. Hope all is well
        with you.

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        Dear Alex,
        Bill Moyers <>

        Tonight at 9:
        Watch "The Net at Risk"

        On the Web:
        Join the Debate at

        Tune in to PBS tonight to see the
        featured in "The Net at Risk," a documentary produced by
        award-winning journalist Bill Moyers.

        Then join other members in an online Web
        discussion at

        Bill Moyers' show airs at 9 p.m. in most cities (check local
        listings <>).
        Immediately following the East Coast broadcast, will
        host a live Internet debate between Free Press Policy
        Director Ben Scott and phone industry flack Mike McCurry.

        You can be a part of this online debate. Here's how to join in:

            *When:* Oct. 18, 10:30 pm Eastern / 7:30 pm Pacific
            *Where: *

        You'll be asked to log in to participate in the online
        discussion. With your help, we hope to light up the PBS Web
        site with our campaign to save Net Neutrality.

        It's important to have you there. In the six months since
        the Coalition was launched, millions of
        Americans have joined the campaign, spoken out for Internet
        freedom, and put Congress and the phone companies on notice.

        Tonight's program could make millions more aware of this issue.

        They need to hear the real voices of people like you instead
        of industry mouthpieces. Help us use the Internet to save it
        from corporate efforts to stifle online innovation, free
        speech and competition.

        Please join us tonight!

        Timothy Karr
        Campaign Director
        Free Press and

        1. For the latest information on the campaign visit

        2. Don't miss Bill Moyers' new essay on Net Neutrality:
        "Against an Imperial Internet


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