I’ll do it if you have a set of GigE radios you want to try.  The link is
approx 900’ with an elevation difference of approx 300’.  The link is a
backup in the unlikely event that portion of the network gets fragmented by
a fiber cut.  We currently have a PCOM DS3 in place, but have also used a
Ceragon OC3 with 10/100 cards for this link before our fiber was lit.

Just saw Matt’s post and agree he is closer to you and probably a better
eval site.  What make/model are the radios?  Keep us posted as to how they



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Hi guys,

Disclaimer:  This is not a sales call, as I am not selling this product. 

Now, to business.  I need someone to do a 3-month trial with a pair of
60GHz, 100Mbps full-duplex radios (PtP).  I need the link to be <500m.  This
is a 3-month trial and you are required to give feedback (and return the
units or buy them) at the end of the trial.  The place I had planned to
deploy this unit in for evaluation did not work out so now I am looking for
a new one.

Anyone?  Anyone? 

Oh I guess I should mention that you have to put up with me for a day or so
for the installation.  :-P

Harold Bledsoe
Deliberant LLC
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