A few months back, I got an inquiry from a TV station engineer asking if it
would be possible to provide him with an internet connection.

Well, I did some quick looking, got ahold of him and we had a tentative
agreement that I'd provide him a connection for control and monitoring
purposes, and he'd do the climbing, and in return (no dollars change hands)
for building the 50+ mile backbone to him, I'd get to locate AT LEAST one
access point on his broadcast tower.

Well, I got a note from him just yesterday, as I had inquired about why I
hadn't gotten further action, to find out that since the land the TV station
broadcasts from is leased USFS land (lease is at least 40 years running,
with a minimum of 5 towers on the site) the USFS is telling him he  cannot
run a second unlicensed band link to his TV tower.

I don't have the details yet, but this makes me so mad....  so stupidly
infuriating...   NO danger, no negatives, their obstruction SERVES NO USEFUL
PURPOSE...  But they obsstruct just to obstruct.  Power gone mad with self

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