Just so we all know where you are coming from and in the interest of Full
Disclosure, please tell us your involvement in the
Dialcall/Nextel/Motorola/IDEN endeavor- specifically any vested interest in
the technology (hint- Patents).

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Subject: Re: [WISPA] Sprint / Nextel to use 900mz for iDen

I don't know what the beef is.  FleetCall bought up in the vicinity of 100
trunking & SMR channels in each major metro almost 20 yrs ago.  They claimed
to the FCC that they could serve significantly more users than the typical
100 users/channel of the current early 90s analog technology.  100 channels
at 100 users apiece serves only in the vicinity of 10,000 users.  With the
iDen technology they ultimately served almost half a million in the same
geographic area with the same spectrum.  So much for the "unneeded
technology" assessment.

Now that they're called NexTel, sure they continue adding whatever remaining
licenses they can get their hands on, but the 800 and 900 Trunking and bands
are land-locked (no room for expansion), so there's no new technology
targeted to this band that I know of.  Now that they're merged with Sprint,
it's no secret where their new technology is targeted (WiMAX).


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