On Fri, October 27, 2006 1:07 pm, Eric Merkel wrote:

> We have a similar situation happening mainly on one tower of ours.
> Basicially it is a StarOS V2 on WRAP boards setup using Prism cards
> for the AP's. We have 4 90* horizontal sectors.

Hm. A few months back, we converted the last of our towers to StarOS V2 on
RouterBoard 500s, mostly with Prism-based cards (but we do have a few
Orinoco and at least one or two Atheros cards in the mix).

Do you also have the insane latency, perchance? (Or even just
higher-than-normal latency?) A few minutes of high packet loss just leads
to a slow (but usable) connection; a few minutes of ten-second latency
renders their connection effectively dead, as everything times out.

Which reminds me, just to try to rule out network traffic another way: If
I log into an AP with a private address (say and ping a
wireless client device in that same subnet (, I *still* see
the same latency and packet loss. The AP knows that those ping packets are
just going out its own wireless interface, so they're not going anywhere
else except through that last-mile hop. And since they're private
addresses, there shouldn't be anything on the public Internet spewing
traffic towards them.

> Most of our clients on CB3's but we do have some Orinoco based
> clients. The Orinoco based clients don't seem to have the problem as
> much as the CB3's do however. I have not really pinned down what the
> difference between them would be that would cause the Orinoco's not to
> show this behaviour even though their signal may be somewhat lower.

Most of my end-users are on CB3s now as well, but we still have a few
Orinoco radios (mostly old RG-1000s with Karlnet firmware), and a few
other random things as well (WRAP boards with Atheros, probably still a
few eight-year-old Maxtechs and Nokia clients, hacked-up Linksys routers
with custom firmware, and Ghu knows what else). As far as I can tell,
they're ALL affected equally.

While I'm still not absolutely convinced that this is an interference
problem, I think I've ruled out everything else.

David Smith
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