I have a customer who called me up on Friday, saying he had trouble with his
VOIP phone, and that his service was real slow, had been slow for a few

Well,we rebooted his router,  and the bridge on his house (he supplied it
long ago as he owns it - came from another provider who based the network on
linksys WET-11's, one of the two bridges left on my whole network), and it
didn't make any difference.

A speed test would get him about 800kbit, to wired or wireless clients in
his house.

He sits at 1.7 miles from my ap, and has some off-brand 24 db grid.  -58 at
the AP, if I recall correctly.

I suspected interference, so we turned off his internal AP, and checked for
2.4 ghz phones in the house (nope).

Out of the blue, I reset the ap from 11 (the best channel for some weak
clients at 11 miles distance) to 4, and he went from 800kbit to 4.2Mbit.

Now, he points at the hill, and there's nothing on the hill but me, and
nothing behind me but open space - SKY!   I have other clients a bit nearer
or farther than him, and in line with him.  He sits in the middle of a large

His speed tests of 800 kbit would make pings to other clients jump from 3 to
7 ms to 250 to 500 ms.   Those other clients had the same ping times whether
I was on channel 4 or channel 11 so long as he wasn't  trying to move data.
( I have another AP at that site on 8, but only two clients, both of which
were idle the entire time we were working on it)    I could do a star-os
speed test (compressible data) of 1500KB/sec and it would raise pings from
3-7 to 40 to 70, on a client situated inline with him but farther away.

When I moved the AP to channel 4, he could repeatedly get 4.2 Mbit, and
pings to other clients would only go from 3-7 up to 20 to 35 during his
speed test.   Oh, and his VOIP phone is now glitch-free.

You think his radio might be failing?   I ahve no othe symptoms on channel
11 or 4 to any other clients (other than 11 is 3 db stronger to a couple of
clients who are quite distant and I think are in a noisy area).   And yes,
this is ALL on 11b mode.

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> Hi,
> You may have covered this before, but I probably missed it in your
> original post. What equipment are you running for each of the different
> frequencies (2.4ghz, 900mhz, 5.8ghz, etc.).
> Is it possible the 2.4ghz AP's are just not able to handle the high
> packet loads (broadcast storms, viruses, whatever) that the others are?
> Also, I have never seen high noise on a band actually cause high
> latency... usually it causes packet loss. My guess is you have an
> "internal" problem, not external.
> Travis
> Microserv

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