"- will help you over the phone to allow you to have one guy out there aiming
an antenna at the AP getting feedback on bidirectional SNR, packet
loss/retransmission, etc
- will help you over the phone if you're on top of a tower putting on a
connector and asking "How's that working now?"

Not to take anything away from you or CTI, as your companies have been a big help to WISPs for years, in many ways. However, whats interesting about this company's (DBoss) pitch, is they are enabling WISPs, by providing things upfront that potentially directly help the ISP save on COST THAT THEY ARE ALREADY SPENDING, by preventing unnecessary cash burn on inefficiencies. For example, Payroll for that second guy to wait in the office, $20,000 a year, with DBOSS, that remote hand costs $5000 /year. Its basically, just diverting existing money, so its pretty easy to justify the expendature. (If they can deliver).

I'm glad to see someone attempt to take on this role, needed for startups. Outsourced support companies have always focused on End User support. Or Higher end engineering type support for less experienced WISPs. But what about low end support for the technician himself? Many WISPs already have the high end expertise, what they lack is the resources to scale. The basic man power. It takes a minimum of 5 people to run a WISP, but a small WISP doesn' have enough work to keep more than 2 busy full time. I have no knowledge of whether DBOSS does a good job or if their fees are reasonable or not. But the concept is a neat idea.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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Subject: RE: [WISPA] FREE OSS and Billing Software for WiSPS - Leasing CPE

I'm on the upper end of their 250-CPE mark and will pay $250 per month with
(most likely) no $$$ up front.  Then I will pay $500 per month for the
251st-500th CPEs.  I am going to try this out on a 1-year contract.  It's
worth that much to me just to see if it will work out for my situation.

I think that if it is a good service, then it will be a good option for some

small WISPs.  It is clear to me that if my business will keep growing, it
will grow out of a service like this.  This may buy me some time and get me
over that hump, though.

p.s.  I haven't talked with them about their CPE lease option but I plan to.

I'm also talking to other leasing companies about leasing CPE.  Anyone out
there have opinions on leasing companies?  (I chose my words carefully there

about not starting a debate on whether or not to lease CPE.)

<shameless plug>

We (CTI) have been leasing CPE for the WISP market for 5+ years now
We work with many members of WISPA & this listserv

ISP-Planet did a nice writeup about us.  Check out

In addition to leasing, we have other nice financing programs, including a
0% Canopy SM purchase that's been gaining a lot of traction lately

</shameless plug>

Plus, we've been in this industry since day 1, I've known some of the people
on this (or related) listservs since 98/99


P.S. In addition, whether or not it means anything, we've submitted a vendor
member application to WISPA (waiting on invoice & bill)

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