I've seen this situation now several times, and wonder if someone on
the list has an explaination for it.  Last week we took down one of
our APs (802.11b)  for several hours to replace it with a new one.  We
ran into some issues and had to fall back to using the original
system.  We brought up the original system after being down for 3 or 4

Of the 25 subs, 4 or 5 CPEs did not re-associate with the AP.   All
was cleared up when customers called & were instructed to recycle
power to outdoor CPEs.  This situation happened to 3 different types
of CPEs that we have in the field for this AP.

Is there something fundamental in the 802.11b specification that I am
missing?  Has anyone else seen this before?  I'm now ready to replace
the AP with the new equipment, but worry that I'll have CPE
re-association issues again if off-line for too long (2-4 hours?).

Thanks for your replies,
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