Hi all,
Anyone have experience with this combo?  AP's are Tranzeo TR-6000s w/ 13db Hpol Omni's.  Also tried directly to a TR-6015 with the same result. 
Have tried with a Deliberant DLB2300 14db radio, and a HighGainAntennas 8186HP-19.  Both radios will associate just fine (signal around -65 or so on the 19db, -70 on the 14db).  Run fine for a bit and then packet loss and ping times go from bad to horrible, and they will eventually quit passing traffic.  A restart will sometimes fix it, but sometimes won't.  I've tried backing down the power, changing the ACK, etc, but nothing seems to have worked so far. 
Have been working with Richard at HighGain a little, and will talk with him again, but these radios seem very similar, so I'm wondering if it's either something in the radio or if there's something I need to look out for, or if they just won't work with Tranzeo AP's. 
The AP's are running channel 8, if that makes a difference at all.  Noise floor is good.  I can drop a TR-CPQ-15 in place and the link is rock solid. 
I'm still looking for alternatives for the Tranzeo gear (cpe that is).  Both of these radios seem to work very well and come highly recommended, but I hate to have to switch out AP's.  But, I just RMA's my 6th CPQ in a month, so it's getting a bit frustrating (plus, the 5 other boxes have been at Trazeo for a month). 
Any insight or suggestions would be very much appreciated. 
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